Image of front cover of Dialogues 17

Please enjoy this collection of student essays from Rutgers undergraduate research and writing courses. Every semester the Writing Program issues a call for papers from students enrolled in Research in the Disciplines sections. While course topics vary widely, as evident in just a few of this volume’s titles, all “English 201” sections share a common pedagogy focusing on developing a critical analysis of texts, and a strong student voice. The work does not end when students find appropriate sources, in fact, that is the beginning. Critical insight, reflection, contemplation, and a thorough analysis of the texts, all contribute to the process of developing an independent and original idea. In learning how to craft an academic essay, students find themselves contributing to a scholarly discourse unfamiliar to them only months before. The best of this research is then selected for publication by an entirely undergraduate editorial board.

The authors work closely with student editors who are enrolled in
the Writing Program’s Editing Internship. All phases of the editorial process are collaborative as student-authors and student-editors revise papers for Dialogues@RU. A tremendous amount of work and dedication, from both authors and editors, is what makes this undergraduate journal proud to showcase its 17th volume.


FALL 2022

Amal Ali
Abigail Bautista-Alejandre
Jacqueline Carapetyan
Allison Gellerstein
Wilma Guzman
Noor Hamaway
Sydney Kennedy
Laura Lassen
Lauren Liu
Anna O'Connell
Rachel Ofori
Yazmin Omana


Tracy Budd


Mike Barbetta