Dialogues@RU , though in its second year, remains a very substantial undertaking. We accepted submissions from students throughout 2002 and into January of 2003. We spent the following spring term reviewing papers, advising students on revisions, and working on designs for both the print and web versions of the journal. Volume Two required the work of many hands and financial contributions from numerous sources.

This volume could not have happened if students had not submitted their papers for consideration. I want to thank all the students who enrolled in Research in the Disciplines (355:201) and College Writing and Research (355:301) over the spring and fall of 2002. In particular, I want to thank Patricia-Ann Betts, Sarah Blessing, Jane Cabalo, Meghan Callaghan, Tracey C. Doherty, Erik Domanski, Renee P. Dunk, Sarah Dyson, Jessica Facchine, Joe Ferreira, Jason Fischel, Jane Frumin, Csilla Gorondi, Randon T. Hall, Dana Hanzely, Heather Hope, Kenya Johnson, Michelle M. Jolliffe, Phil Kriser, Sean Letz, Greg Liszczak, Michael Malakuskie, Kristin Maler, Matthew Marciano, Christine Marshall, David A. Masure-Bosco, Peter Mathe, Rodrigo Matus-Nicodemos, Mary B. McNally, Ron Moldaver, Valerie Moreland, Timothy Newman, Barbara Nickel, Kirtan Patel, Anjanette N. Payne, Holly Porter, James Prister, Elliot Runennik, Ameri El Saied, Hillary A. Schwei, Mark Suznovich, (Linda) Yan So, Monica Thomas, Jabouloni Thompson, Andoria Tjondrokoesoem, Rachel E. Tomcsik, Viviana Varela, and Adam Wise. These students submitted outstanding papers for possible publication in Dialogues@RU . Although we did not select their papers for inclusion, the presence of these papers confirmed for us both the value and quality of research writing at Rutgers.

Jennifer Butt, Lisa Cardinal, Jonathan Lopez, Albert Min, James Nelson, Duyen Pham, Kara Scharwath, and Nicole Wines are responsible for the substance of this journal. I am very pleased that we can showcase the quality of work they produced in their 355:201 and 355:301 courses. While the work represented here is a product of the students' own research and writing, Alexis Boylan, Jane Elliot, Loriann Fell, D.A. (Chip) Hamlin, Rebecca Hartman, Skiles Howard, Sina Queyras, and Stanley Taikeff performed admirably as writing instructors for these students. These teachers did a wonderful job guiding their students toward independence in their research and writing.

Daniel Timek, a student in the Mason Gross School of the Arts, designed both the cover and the interior layout for the print version of this journal. Daniel was enormously patient as we put him through multiple design changes for the cover. And if that was not enough, he volunteered to handle the interior design so that his wonderful cover design would be complemented by the interior. Meredith Cantoni, a Douglass College '03 graduate, designed the online version of Dialogues@RU, (https://dialogues.rutgers.edu). Neha Bagchi, Amit Baria, Sweta Gupta, Eric Kenron, Justin Parke, Jon Roche, Denise Svenson, and Maryum Tucker came highly recommended as experienced tutors in our Writing Centers. They proved to be outstanding reviewers of student writing, and truly helped the contributors to Volume Two strengthen their contributions. James Friday, Judy Karwowski, Susan Mayer, Tanya Piccini, Mary Porecca, Ben Remsen, Valentina Rodriguez, Emma Rumen, and Mahfuza Zaman provided important administrative support to the project. Thank you.

This volume of Dialogues@RU was funded in large measure by a generous 2002-2003 Rutgers Dialogues Grant to enhance the education of undergraduates. The Rutgers Writing Program under the leadership of Dr. Kurt Spellmeyer and Dr. Richard E. Miller contributed significant financial and intellectual support. The Sociology Department at Rutgers also contributed financially to this project.

I also want to thank Rebecca Hartman and Anthony Lioi, the associate editors for the Dialogues@RU project. This volume would not have been completed this spring without their hard work.

Michael J. Cripps

June 13, 2003

Piscataway, New Jersey