This collection of research papers written by Rutgers University undergraduates is an exemplary representation of the rigorous intellectual project of critical reading and thinking, careful interpretation, and thoughtful analysis. All the student authors whose work was selected for publication completed their papers in the Rutgers Writing Program course Research in the Disciplines. Their topics range widely in scope and include the censorship threat inherent in limiting net neutrality; the economics of non-profit hospitals; the importance of soccer to the Latinx identity in the United States; and the transformation of graffiti from vandalism to political expression. Importantly, each paper makes an independent argument based on a conceptual analysis developed through the lens of a discipline-based theory. Congratulations to the thoughtful and intelligent writers whose work makes up this volume, and to all the wonderful Rutgers undergraduates who complete exceptional projects each and every semester.

Dialogues@RU is a student-centered endeavor. The Editorial Board members you see listed on the masthead are all undergraduate students who participated in a semester-long Editing Internship. In the internship, students learn the basics of the editorial process by selecting manuscripts for publication (from among nearly 250 submissions) and working with student writers through the substantive and technical editing process.