dialogues volume11

Volume 11 of Dialogues@RU showcases the work of undergraduate students in the Rutgers Writing Program. You will be impressed with the accomplishments of these Rutgers students whose papers were selected from more than 250 manuscripts submitted for consideration. Their work engages with the ethics of chimpanzee experimentation, explores the history of the musical as a quintessentially American art form, and argues for institutional change to allow transgender people to express their identity in public spaces. They analyze structures of surveillance to prevent insider trading, critique sexism in video games, and shine light on the lack of care given to the social and emotional needs of people with cerebral palsy. Two papers analyze the role visual images of atrocity play in forming people’s understanding of terrible events. Other papers look at contemporary medical issues like the anti-vaccine movement and the kidney donor shortage. The list of fascinating topics goes on, and I invite you to explore for yourself the students’ fine work.


I hope you will also be impressed by the fact that the selection and editing of this journal is done by undergraduate students who participate in an Editing Internship offered by the Rutgers Writing Program. The intern team devotes long hours to reading and issuing reader reports on submissions after which they engage in a rigorous process of substantive and technical editing in partnership with the writers. This journal reflects their hard work and the editorial skills they developed over the course of the internship.