Research in the Disciplines is a Core Curriculum certified course that allows students to earn credit for the WcR or WcD requirement in Writing and Communication. We offer topics across most disciplinary fields at the university, so students can hone the skills of writing and revision through inquiry relevant to their major or interest. Many of our topics are interdisciplinary, and all engage with important and interesting questions for research.

Students in Research in the Disciplines select their own research topic, and work to advance the conversation about it from a critical and analytical point of view. They learn the process of searching for books, journal articles, and Internet sources; develop strategies for managing notes and citations; extend their synthetic and analytical skills; respond to instructor and peer feedback; and become able to differentiate between and assess scholarly, credible, and non-credible sources.


For more information, please contact Jacqueline Loeb, 201 Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


  • SAS Students: 201 is Core certified for both the Revision-Based (WCr) and the Discipline-Based (WCd) Writing & Communication goals.
  • SEBS Students: 201 meets Core Curriculum Requirements in Area VI: Oral and Written Communication
  • Other Students: 201 meets requirements for most schools at RU.  Please check with your advisor.
  • Transfer Students:  If you did not take Expository Writing at RU, you must register for 301, which is designed for transfer students, rather than 201.  

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